About WOMB

WOMB is a platform aimed to Inspire, Connect and Empower our Women and Family.

WOMB is a platform aimed to inspire, connect and empower our women , family and community.

WOMB’s Vision and Mission

  • To connect a functional network of Montserrat women
  • To use this platform to empower and support our women and entire family unit
  • To contribute  to personal and business development
  • To recognise many of our accomplished women of Montserrat as role models and facilitate Mentoring and Giving Back
  • To communicate a message of Positive Reinforcement

Why the Focus On Women?

  • It comes down to not just equal opportunity, but opportunity.
  • Our focus on Women does not take away  from our support for Men
  • However, when women are given a chance at an education, to learn skills, to access resources to grow their businesses, to develop leadership qualities and be part of a support network, they are set up to thrive and their communities will thrive too.