About WOMB

WOMB is a social enterprise whose primary purpose is to benefit our Montserrat women and  community in general.

We seek to balance activities that provide financial benefits with social goals such as events to raise awareness on topical matters or fundraising to address specific issues that may impact our community.

What is WOMB - Women Of Montserrat Bonding

WOMB’s Vision and Mission

  • To connect a functional network of Montserrat women
  • To use this platform to empower and support our women and entire family unit
  • To contribute  to personal and business development
  • To recognise many of our accomplished women of Montserrat as role models and facilitate Mentoring and Giving Back
  • To communicate a message of Positive Reinforcement

Why the Focus On Women?

  • It comes down to not just equal opportunity, but opportunity.
  • Our focus on Women does not take away  from our support for Men
  • However, when women are given a chance at an education, to learn skills, to access resources to grow their businesses, to develop leadership qualities and be part of a support network, they are set up to thrive and their communities will thrive too.