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Helping Hands For Glendon

Start Date – 01 Feb 2020

Team: President – Brenda Daley , Vice President – Randolph Baker, Secretary – Judith Baker, Treasurer – Doreen Chalmers Scantlebury, Social Media Promoter – Deidre Scantlebury and Denise Scantlebury Ojo

Countries Active/ Registered: Montserrat , UK in process.


President Brenda Daley

Learn about the President

How long have you been the president of the organisation?

I have been the president of Helping Hands for Glendon since it’s inception on 1st February 2020.

What inspired you to get involved?

Myself and the other members wanted to support Glendon Hospital by raising funds for vital life saving equipment that would prevent people from travelling to neighbouring islands to receive medical assistance.

What is your profession outside the organisation?

Nurse Anaesthetist

How do you manage to dedicate time?

Once I commit myself to a project, I remain dedicated to the cause knowing how important it is for me to be available.

About the Organisation

What is the purpose and vision of Helping Hands For Glendon?

Our mission is to create a hospital to support the health and well being of the people on the island of Montserrat

  • To highlight the medical needs on the island
  • To raise funds and resource Glendon Hospital with vital lifesaving equipment such as a mammogram, CT scan and a dialysis machine

How do you decide which initiatives are treated as priority?

Through termly committee meetings the members collectively decide what our goals are.

Our 1st year 2020- Was to raise awareness around Helping Hands for Glendon, identify the medical needs and raise funds for vital lifesaving equipment and training. This was done through various social media platforms to promote our worthy cause.

Our 2nd year 2021/2022 – Was about establishing our links with the local community in Montserrat. We were instrumental in positioning collection boxes at various businesses so that people can donate anytime.

Has the organisation contributed to any specific causes over the past few years?

We raise the awareness around the importance of breast and prostate cancer.

We recognise that  early detection is a key factor in highlighting signs and symptoms.

What are some of your key achievements as an organisation or club leader?

To date we have raised EC77,829.12/ GBP 23,269.94/ USD28,798.40

  • With this we purchased a Connex 6700 series vital signs monitor that is currently in use at the hospital
  • BT350 Advanced LCD fetal monitor for St Johns Clinic

We have become a member of the Patreon community, where individuals can donate a fixed sum of money a month to our charity.

We have become a registered charity in Montserrat and looking to become a registered charity in the UK. This will enable us to apply for different funding streams in order to raise essential funds

This month we are focusing on the importance of a CT scan, and next month we are looking at the importance of a mammogram machine.

Donation box at various locations

We have have a vast spread of location boxes around the island of Montserrat.  To all our visitors please look out for these  donation boxes at

  • Major Stores – BBC Radio and TV and Johnnie Mecca
  • Supermarkets –  Ashoks, Umpires,  Aravins and Victor
  • Restaurants – Olveston House, Attic restaurant
  • Spas – Oasis Spa

We are grateful for the support that we have received and to coin our phrase….

Every helping hand makes a difference

What is the Connex 6700 series vital signs monitor and BT350 Advanced LCD fetal monitor used for?

The Connex 6700 series vital signs monitor is a valuable tool that helps to provide information to the medical and nursing staff about the condition of the patient. For example, monitoring their blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation.

The reason for getting the monitor is that even though we have access to such equipment it is always good to have these monitors available as they are in constant use every minute of the day, and just having one or two is not enough. Constant use may cause break down and this is a monitor once operating in a hospital or clinic will always be needed.

The BT350 Advanced LCD fetal monitor is used to monitor the fetal or baby’s heart rate and activities whilst in the womb.  It is important the health centres have direct access to such equipment. It is mainly used by a nurse-midwife or obstetrician/gynaecologist.

What can we expect from the organisation over the next 5 years?

Our operational plan over the next 5 years are to:

  • 3rd year 2022- Recognise the importance in the power of community and make stronger links with the diaspora. It is our aim to develop effective partnerships with the diaspora and explore other ways w can receive funding for the charity
  • 4th  year 2022 – To capitalise on being a registered charity in the UK and explore other funding streams for vital lifesaving equipment
  • 5th year 2022 – Continue to make global links and raise more funds for our cause

What are your plans of integration when our new shiny hospital is built?

We aim to liaise with the Ministry of Health to identify what medical equipment is needed and continue to purchase equipment so that medical practitioners and patients have access to much-improved health services.

What challenges have you faced as an organisation?

Promoting our charity throughout a pandemic, we had to rely on social media instead of our usual face to face contact that we were used to.

As a team, what has been some of the most rewarding moments of your organisation?

Receiving significant donations, the positive feedback, our followers have increased and we are being recognised as an organisations that is making a difference.

What would you wish to be the legacy of the organisation?

We would like our legacy to be a proactive self- sufficient charity that played an instrumental role in paving the way for individuals not be reliant on neighboring islands for medical assistance.

How can individuals/ groups support your organisation?

You can donate and contribute to our

  • Go Fund me – Click here
  • Paypal – Click here
  • Patreon accounts – Click here
  • Bank of Montserrat – Name: Hands for Glendon. Account # – 6521479

Our Charity number is L002/2020 Helping Hands for Glendon Incorporated Account

Also by supporting and following us on Social media for all the below

Direct Contact Information

Website: helpinghandsforglendon.org

Email : hello@helpinghandsforglendon.org

WhatsApp : 07957 976 403


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