Giving Back

Giving Back Is Important to Us, Why?

It Is Good for Your Heart
It Preserves Our Heritage
It Improves the Standard of Life

Current Initiative

myPad Initiative – Girls Feminine Essentials

Our myPad Project is our first community focused initiative aimed at menstruating girls currently based in Montserrat.

How will WOMB help?

The myPad Project aims to initiate a movement where girls are provided with theoretical and hands-on knowledge about their bodies, feel empowered about their hygiene, reproductive and sexual health, and can harness such knowledge and power to shape their lives.

Navigating life as a teenager can often be challenging as there are many changes that will be experienced. Puberty is one of those key transitions that cannot be avoided. We are keen to support our young ladies at this pivotal stage in life.

As part of the initiative, WOMB would  like to donate essential feminine products to teenage girls in the island’s only secondary school facilitating a sense of independence and better health to these girls.

What will this look like?

Through education and advocacy WOMB will work with local health facilitators from the Montserrat Department of Health to initiate in-depth female health and hygiene workshops on topics like menstrual hygiene,  dental hygiene, breast examinations, body changes and coping skills, etc.

The sanitary towels and other hygiene products will be provided during the school’s young women’s health masterclass in collaboration with local health facilitators.

We are planning for this initiative to take place in the Autumn term of 2021.

How can YOU help?

Together we can curb period poverty and its growing stigma, unnecessary disruptions to female education and offer a platform instrumental in the lives and well-being of young ladies.

Donating or Making a Contribution?

You can get involved by donating towards us buying a bulk of sanitary products or if you prefer you can contact us to make a contribution in other ways. This will make an incredible difference in self-care and overall well-being.

This is a very delicate and personal matter so thank you in advance for supporting this cause.