Kimberly Meade

Kimberly Meade, Policy Adviser, UK

It’s all about empowering through self-love

Tell me anything about yourself

I love working out, my favourite gym day is legs. I started exercising and fell in love with it when I was going through a rough patch several years ago and it really helped me focus and improved myself esteem.

Now happy go lucky, I am always changing careers or doing some sort of self-employment venture, learning from and adapting to challenges.

One thing I’ve come to realise,

it is the little steps that help to accomplish things, and with that a lot of patience and sacrifice.

How would you describe your immediate family

Loving. I can depend on them for a supportive network and rational guidance. My role models are built within my family – they inspire me to be entrepreneurial and supportive to others.

What does your name mean and do you feel you live up to it

I don’t know what my name means as it’s such a popular name I’ve never thought of it.

Tell me something that made you smile or laugh recently

My niece telling me I didn’t do any exercise today, so I’m not allowed any JUNK!

What is your favourite colour and what does it represent

My favourite colour keeps changing over the years, currently I am liking different shades of green.

Tell me something that scares you (we won’t tell anyone ssssshhh)

Interviews – but I’ve been told I should be a professional by now given how many job changes I’ve made since graduating University.

When do you normally feel your happiest

I feel my happiest chilling with loved ones and catching jokes.

How do you deal with stress and anxiety

I let go and start praying. I also love exercising and spending time with family and friends, which always helps. Especially facetimes, if I can’t be present, I would just facetime, I remember one time calling my sister and she was watching a programme and I made her put the phone on the sofa so I could join in LOL.

How do you celebrate your achievements

I thank God first and then I proceed to group call or WhatsApp my family to share my news. As I live in London and my family live some distance away and also abroad, I also like going out separately with my friends either a dinner or night out.

What made you decide to start your profession

I wanted to know more about policy making and I am more of a learn as you go person and I really wanted to experience something new, so I went for it.

It took me several months to get a role as I had limited policy experience but with knowing that, I started taking on more responsibility outside of my role as a Recruitment manager.

I started volunteering to work on policy related projects, going to seminars and using established connections to open up opportunities.

What do you love about your role

I love the versatility of my role as I oversee two policy areas and being able to engage and brief stakeholders and ministers.

What are the typical challenges you face in your role

Prioritising demands and having to meet urgent deadlines that range from collating information for Judicial reviews, checking Prime Minister’s question pack for my policy area and responding to Parliamentary questions.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

In a place to give back more.

Would you have done anything differently in your career path

No, as I am always evolving and enjoy the path that I am on – it has allowed me to form great relationships with wonderful people.

Do you have any pearls of wisdom you wish to share

Do what makes you happy, if you feel that you have outgrown something, try something new.

Develop the skills or knowledge, make the connections and – just go for it!

Finally this is the moment to shout out to a few people who have really encouraged, supported or even taking a gamble on you to allow your current success

My biggest shout out is to my family. My second biggest is to all the people I have worked with and met along the way. It’s all love!

What can we look forward to next from you

I’ve started a YouTube channel as a way to share and encourage others through my own challenges and overcoming these. Click here to check it out.

Some of my challenges are still close to my heart but for me it’s all about empowering through self-love and not worrying about what others think if it’s not conducive to your growth.

What’s the best thing about Montserrat in your eyes

Calming nature of its surroundings and being able to feel safe wherever you go.

What do you look forward to when going to Montserrat

Oh gosh, I haven’t been home for a while, but I would say the chilled vibe and how friendly people are and the food.

What’s your favourite place to eat/ favourite thing to eat when you are in Montserrat

Have so many can’t do just one – favourite things to eat are: goat water, fried fish, stuffed shellfish and bread and cheese lol if I don’t stop myself, I could go on! But I’ve seen some nice dishes from some restaurants in Montserrat which I am looking forward to trying when I take a trip.

What would you love to see for Montserrat in 10 years

Better access to the island, increase tourism and a more stable infrastructure, especially when it comes to banking from abroad.

What one thing would you do to maintain our culture

Create workshops accessible to the diaspora covering key areas; how to make traditional foods, arts, history.

What one behaviour would you wish for us to leave in the past

Just relying on inward bubble – we need to adapt, learning from other countries and being more innovative.

Give me your aspirational date of if and when you think Montserrat will be independent

I don’t see it, but I remain hopeful – 7131.

Tell me one thing Montserrat can do to encourage you to return

It would be a mix of things but to list one thing I would say – better healthcare & facilities.

Finally, when you think of Montserrat, how does it make you feel

Peaceful! I have experienced many happy moments there and as a result have great memories.

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  1. Well done Kimberly! Like how you’ve evolved through Self-love and Self-empowerment. Relatable ! Keep it up and keep sharing! 👍🏽

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