Lyandra Hobson

Corporate Services Manager & Policy Officer and Owner of LHnet Services, Montserrat

I enjoy reading self-development books, having an active social life and being a health and fitness fanatic.



Tell me about your self and family in two or three lines.

I am a mother to a 3yr old. I enjoy reading self-development books, having an active social life and being a health and fitness fanatic. I also crave adventure/nature and enjoy going on hiking trails and relaxing on the beach. Down to earth and love having fun.

What activities would make you lose track of time 

I am a time freak, so that is unlikely lol, but I’ll say Mall shopping, Reading a good book

Who are you inspired by

Kamila McDonald (health and fitness), Krystal Tomlinson (Motivational speaker), ItsRichRush (business oriented)– My inspirers however would change based on what goals I wish to undertake.

For e.g. the first person I was truly inspired by was Kamila back in 2014 when I wanted to get serious about health and fitness.

I am currently being heavily inspired by Richie-Ann Jackson as I plan to take my business to another level.

Where is your favourite place in the world you have travelled to and why

Miami, Miami, Miami! I just love the whole atmosphere, the views, the art décor, the beaches and the fact that Miamians take healthy living seriously.

What’s your favourite app at the moment


How did you get into the current job position you hold

I came across the ad on the Government website, applied, as I was looking for more challenging responsibilities and the job offered such, and was successful.

What do you love about your role

The number of activities I have to manage as it’s a multi-hatted role. It never gets boring as there is always something different and new to get involved in which helps to build on my knowledge and experience. I also enjoy the flexibility and autonomy it offers.

Do you have any career tips for anyone looking to come into your field of work

Be a people person as networking is very important and a team player in order to grow and contribute towards a positive environment

Why did you decide to start LHNet and what services do you provide ? Website etc?

I started the business as a hobby back in the early 2000s when it became difficult to source certain items on island and being great with IT helped.  I started doing it for neighbours and friends and then eventually made it public in 2005.

I’ve always been creative in many ways. So to save in costs I designed my own promotional materials which includes business cards, ads, brochures, bookmarks and the website www.lhnetorders.com

LHNet basically orders whatever a customer needs online, ship it to Montserrat and deliver to their doorstep or to their country of choice. Hence why our motto is so fitting – “Let us do the work for you”.

In 2011 and 2012 we expanded our ordering services into the global market and started e$ales, selling clothes and now specifically Plus Size clothing.

What Motivates you 

Setting clear and measurable goals

What was your biggest challenge in the last 5 years

Becoming a homeowner.

What is the one thing that people often get wrong about you

That I am stuck up! Lol I think they say that about everyone based on their perception on how someone carries themselves and then when they get to know that person they realise they are down to earth.

What was the last book you read or tv series you watched and would recommend

The power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, if you are a progressive person and looking for ways to improve personally and professionally this is the book for you!

Tell me the one thing you would say to your 16 year old self

Be patient, have faith, everything will work itself out

What is your best tip to cope with stress and anxiety

Daily Meditation and Prayer. In addition I practice Yoga which helps to relax you and also cultivate happiness.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

I’ve always been a business oriented person and always see myself in a Senior Managerial role, so somewhere along those lines.

What do you love most about living in Montserrat

The peace and quiet and the fact that everything is close by.

What is your favourite season of the year in Montserrat

Spring for St. Patrick’s! Lots of activities, meeting new faces and seeing long lost pals.

What one thing would you do to enhance life in Montserrat

Creating job opportunities for persons to make a handsome living.

Is there a teacher from your schooling in Montserrat that influenced your life 

Yasmin White, English teacher as she believed in my talent and always encouraged me

What advice would you give to anyone considering a move back to Montserrat

Be prepared for the slow periods and at times you do need to create your own fun!

Rendezvous or Isle’s Bay

Isle’s Bay simply because I love the bar there and the atmosphere, haven’t been to rendezvous in ages

Christmas or St Patrick’s

Both! They both are filled with great events that attracts different people to the island

Mountain Chicken or Fowl Foot

Fowl foot, never had mountain chicken

If I say, North, East, South or Town where you representing


What suggestion would you give to move Montserrat forward

Unity and Togetherness, not only for those in charge but the people too.

Describe how Montserrat makes you feel in 3 words

Safe, Blessed, Happy

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