Nadika Browne

Nadika Browne, Registered Emergency & Trauma Staff Nurse, Bham UK

Your younger years are your passport to a brighter future use them wisely

Tell me anything about yourself

I am a 33 year old Pisces. Loud at times, but do quite enjoy my own space with peace and quiet on most days or when in a comfortable place. I am career driven and enjoy nothing more than a challenge if said I can’t achieve.

I am also a wife to my loving husband Dairius Browne, 5th year anniversary this year and going strong.  I am also a mother of two, a 17 year old prince Christian Browne I embraced when I met his father, and my 3 year old heartbeat Leinye Browne.

My current life now is at a peak, watching them excel and soar, as the years move faster than you imagine, and the memories made are priceless.

How would you describe your immediate family

Being the last of 5 children to Simon & Annette Farrell, I am the baby, the spoilt one, the loudest and most outspoken of them all. I am an aunt of 15 amazing individuals, 11 gorgeous nieces & 4 handsome nephews, who I admire and wish nothing but the best for.

My family is my support base, they go above and beyond to provide my foundation,

four walls and high-rise ceiling with continuous love and support to push me through endlessly.

We enjoy getting together, eating drinking and sharing fond memories, but more so we pull together in times of stress and need. When we cannot be there physically, we will be there emotionally and mentally through Skype or WhatsApp.

I always remember my mom telling me “a family that prays together stays together.”  And boy has the last 3 years really put that to the test.

What does your name mean, and do you feel you live up to it

My mom said my name was given to me by an Irish midwife in the hospital. No meaning attached but she said the name suited me as I was a strong and determined baby.

I do live up to it because constantly I feel as though I carry the world on my shoulders elegantly with poise, and my head held high. When times get tough as Maya Angelou would say “Still I Rise”.

Tell me something that made you smile or laugh recently

My most recent reason to smile was when my toddler at the age of three said mommy “Nye Nye (her nick name) needs to wear a mask to protect her from the germs.”

The shock at her intelligence at the age of three to understand and adapt to our current situations present in 2020 is amazing.

Reminded me of being a child when the volcano started and how I felt wearing a mask to school due to the ash.

What is your favourite colour and what does it represent

Ooo my favourite colour is blue, teal blue to be precise. It reminds me of water, fluidity, calm, peace, relaxation and tranquillity, on the flip side it also reminds me of the other side of water, rain, tidal waves and floods, unsettled seas and thoughts.

My star sign being Pisces (the fish) it’s my happy colour and place.

Tell me something that scares you (we won’t tell anyone ssssshhh)

Snakes, the no legged, cold reptiles. ueewwhh

When do you normally feel your happiest

I’m my happiest when I am surrounded by close family, friends and my heart beat (Leinye), eating, drinking and laughter.

Nothing beats knowing you do not have to go anywhere, and you can just sleep.

How do you deal with stress and anxiety

At work I smile and bury my head in the target or achieving the best possible outcome for my patients and colleagues.

At home stress and anxiety sets me back, causes me to pause and stop.

Rethink choices, reason for this stress. I am a visual and spatial learner, so I put pen to paper and draw possible solutions as they pop into my head around the problem.

When it all seems endless, I seek my solutions through, God, good rest and a clearer mind tends to do the trick.

How do you celebrate your achievements

I would say subtle, but I think my family and friends may disagree.

Every achievement for me is a reason for a celebration, food, music and laughter, a memory being made, every memory is also a photo opportunity, and every photo needs a great back drop!

What made you decide to start your profession

This is all commendable to my dad, he made a statement 12 years ago (I’d prefer not to disclose) that made me rethink my life choices and within a week propelled me to register for nursing and successfully gaining a place.

A year in and I considered giving up, My aunt now deceased said

“young lady I didn’t raise you to buckle I raised you to face diversity head on and come out triumphant, so put your head down and study you book, stick and stones break bones, words can’t touch you”.

What do you love about your role

I love the fast pace environment within my department. The team comrade. I enjoy not knowing what illness or trauma will arrive at the doors.

Every patient and their family have their own unique story, I thank them for allowing me that short snippet to be part of their hospital journey in whichever way I can help.

I look forward to easing and providing emergency care to the patient and seeing their drastic improvement within 3-4 hours of being within the Emergency Department.

What are the typical challenges you face in your role

Within the current climate staff shortages and lack of wellbeing support. Understanding that sometimes your colleagues are humans and stress gets to them also especially during this pandemic.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

As a Senior Sister possibly or an Advanced Nurse Physician.

Would you have done anything differently in your career path

Possibly dwell further into medicine at a younger age.

Do you have any pearls of wisdom you wish to share

Your younger years are your passport to a brighter future use them wisely, learn then to earn later.

Finally, this is the moment to shout out to a few people who have really encouraged, supported or even taking a gamble on you to allow your current success

My parents for providing me with a solid foundation and making me such a robust and well-rounded female I am today.

Encouraging me that there is no dream or goal too hard to accomplish.

For allowing me to make mistakes but to being there to pick me and brush me off and saying try again. My praying mother whose answer to most is

“take it to the lord in prayer, or I going say a lil prayer for you.”

My siblings, Wayne, Everson (Squawkie), Dezralyn & Randy for reminding me that your only small once, and every day is a new day to start over and try harder. Grasp education and knowledge at every opportunity.

They made me feel and still do as though there is no mountain too high or valley too wide that with determination and problem solving cannot be conquered.

They are the true meaning of forever friends and unconditional love, when I lost my way some years ago, my siblings guided me home.

Catherine Samuel OBE – My dearest now departed Aunt, who reminded me that queens are born every day but only some of us choose to accept the baton and rise to our throne. Her yearning for education and female equality set the bar for me to aspire to in life. Her favourite line would be

“the ball is in your court now ma’am, you choose to win or lose.”

My husband Dairius for understanding his wife is career orientated, who has supported me, loved me and spent endless nights listening to me read and prepare for exams.

When I am studying and working away from home, thank you for being patient, loving and being that stern voice when I want to throw the towel in.

My little girl who has given me a new reason to pursue my goals and encouragement that motherhood does not stop the fight or hinder success. She is super proud of mommy when I get dressed and leave home each shift. With her I raise a queen to her throne daily.

My friends – I will not call names, but you know who you are, you have been there for a multitude of years, good bad and the ugly the rise and the falls, if you are still here I thank you for greeting me with a smile each time.

What can we look forward to next from you

To excel in the nursing or medical field, my life choices halted when I became a mother as my daughter has been my priority.

What’s the best thing about Montserrat in your eyes

The tranquil, friendly and simple approach to everyday life. I miss that.

What do you look forward to when going to Montserrat

Seeing my big brother Squawkie is my highlight and my nieces. Sitting and watching the beach whenever I want, hearing the waves break, or just sitting outside and saying good morning and hello to people that pass, (Manners & Respect, will carry you far.)

What’s your favourite place to eat/ favourite thing to eat when you are in Montserrat

Goat water & Chunk Fish without a doubt. Restaurants 3 (in no order) Olveston House, Grand Phoenix & Summer Breeze.

What would you love to see for Montserrat in 10 years

As I’m in the medical profession, I would like us to be able to accommodate and look after our people on island with proper facilities, CT, MRI’s, Trauma Teams, specialist services visiting the island regularly to provide necessary care before having to leave home for bigger countries far and wide.

What one thing would you do to maintain our culture

I would continue our masquerade, national dish, sayings, dialect and folk traditions to engulf our children, passing on our roots.

Each one teach one

What one behaviour would you wish for us to leave in the past

The idea that our youth and national people aren’t educated enough for jobs, if they aren’t given a chance or taught we won’t ever succeed as an island.

Name a person in Montserrat History you see as inspiration/ role model

My aunt Catherine Samuel who was served as prinicpal for Montserrat Secondary School previously situated at Thomson field.

Also Yasmin White, I admired her attention to detail, stalwart and pure drive.

I was privileged to have been taught at primary level by her and encouraged to aspire to be my best (a message I took with me through my years).

Some of her achievements being Masters in Education Management and Policy Studies from Bristol University. She served for several years as the Educational & Curriculum Officer in Ministry of Education and Registrar. Her accomplishments though now retired are still one to stir aspirations.

Give me your aspirational date of if and when you think Montserrat will be independent

As per recent government signings never I think, or not in my life time.

Tell me one thing Montserrat can do to encourage you to return

If I could see there was advancement in wanting further health care standards to raise then yes.

Finally, when you think of Montserrat, how does it make you feel

Happy to be born on a small island with such lovely people. My childhood despite the volcano and moving to the UK brings nothing but happiness to mind,

She has moulded me into the woman I am today.

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  1. I am looking at the dates and thinking did I really miss this??.. I utterly enjoyed every bit of this!!… now I know a little more about MRS NADIKA BROWNE!!.. #careerfocused #familyorientated👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  2. You are an outstanding, hardworking, caring and loving individual. You are a go-getter. Keep going after your goals. You will achieve them. Love you loads.

    1. Big cuz. Thank You for reading and commenting. I have nothing but the best leaders before me to follow in their footsteps. You know our family is female empowerment strong all the way.

  3. What an insightful and inspirational interview. You are a strong woman of substance using the examples you have been set to chart your journey. I wish you nothing but continued success both professionally and personally .

  4. I am so proud of you cuz.Continue to archive your goals in life and being a wonderful wife and mother. Your an excellent role model for us young people. Thank you for that. Love you always.

    1. Thank You for taking the time to read and comment Aunty Eds, you will be right there with me as the success comes in.

  5. My Piscean sister ❤ I thoroughly enjoyed reading your journey and I wish you all the best for the future…
    Very inspiring for young people that wants to pursue a career in your field.
    It takes dedication for a nurse to keep going each day, in this current epidemic. I appreciate you ❤ Nurse Browne.

    1. Thank You for taking the time to read and comment my Piscean sister.
      Girl you know the struggles. 2020 will not win.

  6. My cousin Nadika is a beautiful lady inside and out. Her little daughter at 3 years old is such a smart delightful girl. Reading this interview gave me goosebumps especially when she quoted our aunty Teacher Ellis. “The ball is in your court”……I wish Nadika nothing but the best things in life. They are free.

    1. Thank You for taking the time to read and comment Sandy. Aunty was such an inspiration, given our family is female strong.

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