Patricia C. Daway

Patricia C. Daway, Business Owner and Author

I love the fact that I’m currently doing what I truly desire.


Tell me anything about yourself

I am a natural introverted empath, with taught extrovert abilities, possessed with pedantic ways of an intuitive advocate. I see deeply, hear with understanding, feel everything which often yields it disadvantages, yet I stop at nothing to be my best.

I challenge my experiences and mistakes by always seeking to better myself in harmony of mind, body and spirit – which allows me to birth anew from creative substance.

How would you describe your immediate family

Though I wasn’t raised by my parents who both interestingly died in the same year of 2000 and in different countries, I often think about them. But I’m ever so grateful having been raised by my grandmother, a virtuous woman whom I love very deeply.

She departed in 2006 but it still feels like yesterday.

She bore a unique sense of humility I know I may never again experience.

Though she didn’t speak much or speak when spoken to, whatever she had to share was always most profound.

My grandmother was a hardworking woman who sacrificed everything for the foundation of her family. I miss her dearly and to this day I make time for her by reminiscing on our time and space we shared.

One of my fondest memories was in Montreal back in 1997 when we shared a bed and every day, we would talk about something in relation to her life whether as a first child, a big sister, a young woman, a mother and a wife.

It was then I saw my grandmother as more than just a grandmother with rules and dishing out chores but as a woman of substance who possessed so much quality to her depth stemmed from an arduous journey which she walked so well.

What does your name mean and do you feel you live up to it

Patricia means “noble” and yes, I do think I have lived up to the good qualities and morals that I have set for myself.

What is your favourite colour and what does it represent

My favourite colour is lilac – or shades that’s hued from the family of purple.

Its representation includes nobility, creativity, independence and mystery all relevant to my personality.

Tell me something that scares you (we won’t tell anyone ssssshhh)


When do you normally feel your happiest

I am at my happiest when most, if not all, is in harmony around me.

How do you deal with stress and anxiety

By going into solitude where I would write, meditate and listen to soft smooth jazz.

How do you celebrate your achievements

Hmmm, that’s something I don’t really do physically – though not intentionally. There’s always a next thing queued up ready to be challenged. However, I usually take time out to give Almighty God thanks; though that’s an additional feature I can see myself working on.

What made you decide to start your profession and or business

When I graduated from Antigua State College with a Diploma in Business Management back in 1995, I was still unsure of what type of business I wanted to get into. However, I always knew it had to be one that impacts lives and inevitably give back to my country of birth.

After a couple of years being an employee, it finally came to me, to do that which I found gratification in – and that was determined by me personally going to the gym, eating well and being spiritually nurtured.

The holistic approach of mind, body and spirit came into being and that’s when I embarked on that journey to move to the UK in 1998 to further my studies in that realm.

And so, manifested my degree in Health Promotion, HND in Health Therapies & Sports Fitness, Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage, Diploma in Personal Training.  I founded a Not-for-Profit Organization of seven years based in East London, where I partnered with key local government stakeholders to target hard-to-reach young people under the age of 25, on how to take proactive control of their lifestyle.

This was done through health awareness workshops, after school, half-term and summer school programs, local festivals, health forums, visual arts, performing arts and dance leadership awards and more.

Then finally completed a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and subsequently opened a Fitness Spa in Montserrat for which I closed January 31, 2020 and moved to Canada.

Tell us about some of your other exciting business ventures

The reality of COVID-19 birthed a new pathway for me whilst I was stuck in Toronto, though still in the realm of holistic wellbeing.

I wrote a book called Shunned: How Love of Self Became My Redemption; landed a column opportunity to write for a Caribbean Travel & Lifestyle Magazine called Mélange based in Vancouver.

I also have an active YouTube Channel called Eyes Awake where it features my Eyes Awake Sunday Series that speaks to self-empowerment. You can also check out my Eyes Awake website here

I have also set up a business that serves purely for the purpose of Montserratians called MNI Personal Shopper. Click here to visit website

Due to the travel restrictions posed from COVID-19 and the termination of the ferry service, I have bridged a link to help Montserratians who often shop in Antigua to be able to still get their goods from Antigua without having to leave Montserrat.

By me having one foot in Antigua and one in Montserrat, this venture became the perfect opportunity for all.

What do you love about your role

I love the fact that I’m currently doing what I truly desire, that is, a holistic venture that is of mind, body and spirit through my Eyes Awake Literary Expressions (my Book, Column Articles and my YouTube Videos) coupled with giving back to my country of birth.

It’s the perfectly ideal combination for me – in my element!

What are the typical challenges you face in your role

Lol, mainly technical or internet issues such as, YouTube videos taking forever to upload or waiting by the computer for someone to send across a file I desperately need – the beauty of working remotely still has its challenges I suppose.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Giving a celebratory toast from my best Merlot collection nestled in a panoramic view that captures the beauty of the sunset with close confidants, giving thanks to Almighty God for having accomplished all that I could have by that time.

Would you have done anything differently in your career path

Yes, confront and crush the fear I felt years ago when I first wanted to become a lifestyle coach.

Do you have any pearls of wisdom you wish to share

If you’re going to stand for something be that reflection and don’t lose sight of the lane that’s your own.

What can we look forward to next from you

Perhaps a Fitness Video, something I’ve always wanted to do.

What’s the best thing about Montserrat in your eyes

Although Montserrat is deemed as an island not easily accessible to get to, anyone who visits is because they truly want to be there – and so the experience would most definitely be a memorable one.

What do you love most about living in Montserrat

The carefreeness of living in the peace and tranquility Montserrat offers.

What one thing would you do to enhance life in Montserrat

Implement policies that protects the interest and levity of Montserratians at home and to those abroad who would like to return home, as a means of alleviating hardship on all levels.

What’s your favourite place to eat/ favourite thing to eat when you are in Montserrat

As a Vegan, who use to eat fish then but not anymore, it was always hard to tag a favourable place, so I’d dine when and where my cuisine was available. However, majority of the times and out of convenience,

I would have to say Vue Pointe Hotel for my favourite basmati rice and curried chickpeas.

What would you love to see for Montserrat in 10 years

A well robust, thriving and easily accessible country with all the available necessities, infrastructure and resources fit for all who live in and out of Montserrat and visitors alike.

What one thing would you do to maintain our culture

I love love the masquerades during the Christmas Festival. From childhood I was always fascinated by the rhythmic dancing and the intricacies of the costume. I would support it if I’m in time to catch it. Often times miss it because I hear about it at the last minute.

Given the opportunity I suppose I would collaborate with respective parties to do more for its promotion as well as to support the necessities of the masqueraders themselves.

In other words, I’d ensure masqueraders have organized transportation arranged well in advance to facilitate them in getting to their meeting point on time instead of standing in the hot sun for hours waiting on a ride.

What one behaviour would you wish for us to leave in the past

Trying to relive the redundancy of a time that once was prior to the volcano  in a different time and space that no longer meets the current operating mechanism to support it.

It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Give me your aspirational date of if and when you think Montserrat will be independent

That is hard to predicate – meaning that it has been twenty-five years to date post volcano and we have very little to show for it.

Moving at such snail’s pace, I personally don’t think we are ready to even embark on a discussion of independence until we position ourselves to identify and develop the resources we currently need for the country’s sustainability.

Finally, when you think of Montserrat, how does it make you feel

Overwhelmed – happiness to experience a sought after sense of freedom you rarely find anywhere else;

anxiety from the thought of the motion sickness I’d endure whenever I think on the modes of getting into Montserrat;

frustration re the political divide;

perplexed as to why we can’t get it together for a population of just 5000;

nonetheless, reassured that it is still the Emerald Isle.

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  1. Well done Patricia! Very well articulated. Keep up the good works in striving for the best as you always do. Love it.

  2. Patricia posesses the tenacity of a Soldier enduring thru many obstacle trails while never loosing the essence of the purpose of her Lifes’ journey.
    She is a beautiful friend, confidant and sister from Mother Earth. She leaves a positive impact on all who comes across her path. She will continue to pursue and succeed. Blessings.

  3. Very nice article of your life journey. Intelligent answers of questions and very inspiring to read. Keep doing what you do and your rewards will be your dreams come true. Blessings

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